General Policies

Why we love Priest Lake:

Besides the beauty of the forests and mountains, wildlife, sunny days, crystal clear water, star-filled skies, northern lights, things to do all year long, we love the quiet, the peace and the serenity we find here.  

Get Lost @ Priest Lake's cabins are in a peaceful community where owners come to get away from their everyday grind and some are lucky enough to live here full time. 
It is our mission to keep it this way and with that said our rules follow the bylaws of Huckleberry Bay Homeowners Association.

We hope you have an enjoyable stay and become part of our community for years to come!

Smoking Rules:

None of the cabins featured by Get Lost @ Priest Lake allow smoking. In addition, NO SMOKING whatsoever on shared docks and close to a neighbors property/beach/driveway etc. Smoking is only allowed in the designated area of each cabin to ensure smoke doesn’t enter the house via screens or windows from decks and other areas. There will be a can or receptacle for extinguished butts. All Butts MUST go in the can - NOT anywhere else. Failure to comply with these policies could result in loss of deposit refund.

Quiet Hours:

Quiet hours (usually between 10pm-8am) must be observed as a courtesy to your surrounding neighbors. All neighbors of our cabins have our phone number. In the event of disturbances they may call us. If this happens we would notify the renter of the complaint and if the problem is not solved it could lead to loss of deposit and/or eviction.


For cabins that accept dogs, there is a $500.00 refundable deposit required along with a $25.00 per pet daily charge.
The deposit is not due until 14 days prior to check in. Dog waste must be picked up and disposed of daily and put in the special marked bin outside. Dogs must be kept on the cabin property. Excessive barking is not tolerated. The best of dogs have a tendency to bark when left alone. Failure to abide by these rules could result in the loss of deposit refund and/or eviction.


If something gets damages during your stay, please advise us. We will only charge you for the damage. Failure to tell us and we find it after check out could result in the loss of damage deposit refund.

Septic Systems:

Most of the cabins are on a septic system. Please don’t flush anything such as feminine hygiene products or paper towels. Use only toilet paper.

Fireplaces, Fire Pits & Candles:

Never leave ANY fires unattended. Make sure that all fires are extinguished completely before leaving or going to bed. Please douse the outdoor fire pits with a bucket of water and it is important to be aware of any fire bans in the area. As with a fire, never leave a candle unattended. Never leave any candles burning when away from the house or sleeping.

Shared Docks:

Please be respectful of the neighbors that share a dock with you. Please keep personal items picked up especially at night. NO SMOKING on any shared dock. It is each neighbor’s obligation to sweep or clean off any dirt or excess sand on the dock.